tainless steel SAF and SDAF , ina SNV100-LPillow Blocks

corrosion proof flang bearing

Round Stainless steel Four-Bolt Heavy Duty Flange Bearing Unit

Oval stinless steel flange beating unit

Stainless steel ball bearings

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How to order Extreme Bearings

An Extreme Bearing contains many different parts. In order to make a correct order. It’s important to carefully look up the correct code. For the specific Extreme Bearing that suits your needs. We will be pleased to speak with you about your bearing needs. So your order is correct. Please send an e-mail to: info@extremebearing.com. With your questions. And one of our specialists will reply as soon as possible.

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Step 1.

Choose the right Extreme Bearing housing. Choose from 9 products.

Step 2.

Select the best type of bearing insert.
Choose from 2.

Step 3.

Get the best seals and sleeves to prevent contamination.

Step 4.

Select the appropiate lubricant.

Customized solutions

Our in-house specialists will advise you. On solutions for your particular bearing needs. The design options, for an Extreme Bearing, fall into four categories:

  1. Selection of the best Extreme Bearing housing for your application.
  2. Choosing of the best type of bearing insert.
  3. Searching of the best parts to keep contamination out. Such as a seal lip and adapter sleeve.
  4. Selection of the appropriate lubricant.
  • Special housing designs available. Everything from pillow blocks to flange brackets.

  • Designed to fit a range of shaft sizes. Other sizes can be made on request.

  • Choose from double spherical roller bearings. Or single spherical roller bearings.

  • Dirt-repellent and water-resistant sealing options.

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Ordering code example:

Ordering code example

Compatible bearing units

The Extreme Bearing unit is interchangeable. With most known brands of housing. And can therefore be used in existing machinery. Extreme Bearings units can be used to replace many brands. Of mounted ball and tapered roller bearings. The interchange table shows you which Extreme Bearings have the same dimensions. As other brands of bearing units. So you can replace them.

Extreme Bearing interchange table

Extreme Bearings dimensionally interchange with many brands. Of mounted ball and tapered roller bearings.

Extreme Bearing interchange chard

Get the Extreme Bearing Interchange table in PDF