Why Extreme Bearings?

All businesses using bearings know the cost of replacing bearing units and the loss of production time during service. The Extreme Bearing has been developed to eliminate the need for the frequent replacement of bearings. And most importantly: to save your company time and money!

Extreme applications

See where Extreme Bearings have been a success and the kind of
applications where these bearings make a significant difference.

Extreme Bearings are customised to your needs. Our experts will help you choose the right Extreme Bearing for your application. You can find all the product specifications of the housings including STP files via the link below. A link to ordering information is also given.

Choosing a bearing

The story of the Extreme Bearing

The life of the bearing increased from months to years

Few industries are tougher on bearings than the mussel industry. Quite simply, the breaking of mussels often wrecks normal bearings. The seawater is corrosive and contains sand. When the mussel shell is broken, pieces of shell can get inside the bearing. The average lifetime of an ordinary bearing on a conveyor belt in a mussel factory is about three months.

The breaking of mussels often wrecks a normal bearing within months

How an Extreme Bearing saves you money

Everyone loves a bargain. So when a customer buys a new bearing unit, they often pay extreme attention to the purchase price, especially if they work in procurement. This can be misleading when the real cost of running and maintaining the equipment where the bearing unit will be installed actually determines how much a bearing will cost your company in the long run.

Here’s one real-life example of how much an unplanned bearing failure can cost. It comes from a case story published in 2019 by Tetra Pak about a dairy customer in Spain. The separator is a  critical part of the line in any dairy processing plant. If the separator is not performing as it should, it can cause a stoppage. Due to the high utilisation of separators that can be around 6,000 hours on a yearly basis, it was important for the Spanish dairy to avoid unplanned stoppages. If the bearing fails unexpectedly, the Tetra Pak separator needs to be dismantled and reassembled which requires 48 hours of downtime. In this case, it was estimated that by avoiding a single unexpected bearing failure, the customer could save €45,000 in spare parts, labour and lost production. That’s a lot of Euros! (Incidentally, Extreme Bearings are not used in Tetra Pak separators.)

The point is that uptime and the working lifetime of the bearing is a critical factor to take into consideration, not just the purchase price. Every customer wants to avoid downtime and keep their plant running as planned. In fact, the initial cost of the long-lasting Extreme Bearing becomes almost irrelevant when you consider how much money it can save you by avoiding lost production and maintenance costs. Therefore see an Extreme Bearing as a good investment; perhaps the best bearing investment you will ever make.


Cost-effective solutions:

  • Increase equipment up-time. Reduce maintenance costs.

  • One-time investment saving money by reusing housings while changing only the worn-out bearing inserts.

It can pay to choose an Extreme Bearing with a housing made of stainless steel. It will never rust like the cast iron housing in this photo. 


Heavy duty

  • For heavy radial loads

  • For combined radial and thrust loads

  • Suitable for expansion and contraction of the shaft

  • Up to 5 times higher load capacity than conventional

  • Low friction angular misalignment

Harsh conditions

  • Can be washed down with high pressure jets

  • Submersible

  • SS 316 has a very high resistance to seawater

  • Works up to 270°C and down to -80°C


  • Made of solid material, so no crevices or spaces for the build-up of dirt

  • HACCP/HARPC compliance

  • Choose from a range of lubricants including food-grade grease


  • Increase equipment uptime to reduce running costs

  • Housings are compatible with many brands of bearing inserts

  • Save money by reusing housings through multiple changes of the bearing insert


  • Range of sealing options to choose from

  • Choice of bearing inserts depending on load

  • For heavy vertical loads

  • Special housing design on request

  • In-house CAD team are at hand to provide solutions for any of your bearing needs


Case Studies




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