tainless steel SAF and SDAF , ina SNV100-LPillow Blocks

corrosion proof flang bearing

Round Stainless steel Four-Bolt Heavy Duty Flange Bearing Unit

Oval stinless steel flange beating unit

Stainless steel ball bearings

Double bearing labyrinth seal (DS)

DS Double seal

The DS (double seal) is a combination of a CS(centrifugal seal) together with a CC PTFE seal and has been developed for bearings used in abrasive environments. The DS seal combines the advantages of two seals in a single seal set. CS seal means that the underlying CC seal has extra protection against abrasive particles.

Labirinth double bearingunit seal
Extreme Bearing centifugaal seal

Stainless steel bearing cover-spacer ring is used to make space for the labyrinth bearing housing seal.

While using the DS seal, the installation length increases

When the DS seal is required in a bearing unit with a continuous shaf (cover side), the built-in length is greater. Because space has to be made in the bearinghousing by using an SR spacer ring.

Bearing pillowblock labyrinth seals
Stainless steel Spacer ring to mount labyrinth bearing seals
Size V
20 8.5
25 8.5
30 8.5
35 8.5
40 8.5
45 11
50 11
55 11
60 11
65 13
70 13
75 13
80 18
85 18
90 20
100 20

Examples of grease diagrams using DS bearing labyrinth seals

test 2