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For heavy vertical loads

Axial spherical-roller bearings are demountable, the shaft ring with the cage and the spherical rollers and the body ring can be assembled separately. 
The load of axial spherical-roller bearings is transmitted from one orbit to another at a certain angle which enables also radial load, besides axial load. 

Axial spherical-roller bearings feature high rigidity. The construction of these bearings allows tilting of the shaft ring towards the body ring, without affecting the function of the bearing.
Axial spherical-roller bearings are capable of compensating abaxiality and shaft deflection 
The bearings are manufactured in normal accuracy, for seating more demanding in terms of accuracy, or seating with higher rpm frequency, bearings with higher running accuracy P6 are used.

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Stainless steel Thrustbearings For heavy vertical loads

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Spherical thrust roller bearings have specially designed

Spherical thrust roller bearings have specially designed raceways and accommodate a large number of asymmetrical rollers. The rollers have an optimum conformity with the washer raceways to optimize load distribution along the roller length. Therefore, they can accommodate relatively high speeds, heavy axial loads in one direction and heavy radial loads. The load is transmitted between the raceways at an angle to the bearing axis . 


Extreme Bearings Spherical thrust roller bearings are self-aligning and can accommodate misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing, which can be caused, for example, by shaft deflection.



Bearing designation Dimensions Basic load rating
Limiting speed for lubrication with
Bearing unit
Bearing Insert
d D d1 D1 H Dynamic (Ca) Static (Coa)
mm kN min-1
EXVS 81112 60 85 .. .. 17 80 300 3600
EXV050 29410EJ 50 110 95 70 36 290 930 3 100
EXV060 29412M 60 130 118 88 42 287 809 2 400
EXV070 29414M 70 150 137 102 48 371 1070 2 000
EXV075 29415M 75 160 146 109 51 429 1250 2 000
EXV080 29416M 80 170 155 116 54 464 1370 1 900
EXV080 29418M 90 190 174 130 60 578 1780 1 700

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