SS 316 washdown pillow block bearing units

Stainless steel 316 Waterproof square flange bearings from Extreme Bearing are delivered with a self-set double-row ball or roller bearing of choice. Extreme Bearing bearing fitted with a double-row roller bearing makes that the bearing block can carry 5 times more load than competitive bearings. Easy replaceable the usual Y-Bearing unit for a EXS Unit, because the important dimensions of these four-hole flange bearing units correspond to the lighter bearing blocks UCFL, SY, MSF, FPL , FNL 522A, FNL 522B Standard are the bearingunits sealed by a Labyrinth seals, these seals makes that Extreme Bearing bearing blocks are ideal for use in places where a lot of moisture, sand and water such as in vegetable and potato washing machine Housing made of stainless steel 316. With Self-Aligning roller bearing units to handle high radial and thrust loads, corrosion free. Particularly suitable in harsh conditions and wet environment. Resistant to all cleaning products, and chemicals, unique products which are very easy to clean. Rounded corner and smooth surfaces and even at the backside.


  • T¹ The dimension T gets a maximum 6 millimeters wider when the bearing unit is assembled with centrifugal seals.
  • * Bearing units with type number marked with (*) are not in stock, please ask for delivering time.

Load directions for Extreme Bearings

Extreme Bearing units are intended for loads acting vertically toward the base plate support. Therefore, if the SS bearing housing is supported over its entire base, loads are limited only by the load limits of the bearinginsert. If loads acting in other directions occur or if the housing is not supported over its entire base area, check that the magnitude of the load is permissible for the bolt assembly joining the machine frame
The load capacibility is limited by the bolt fastening
Loads acting vertically toward the base plate

Type EXS 4 bolt flange bearings