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Extreme Bearing
Noordland 28
    4451 RP Heinkenszand
0031 637 32 99 10

Standard bearings are available everywhere in the world from a range of manufacturers but finding an Extreme Bearing is not so easy. The fact that you have managed to get this far and find us on Internet means you are already well on the way to finding one of the most durable bearings in the world.

So far we have an exclusive but growing group of customers from all over the world. Extreme Bearings can be purchased direct from us through the parent company Extreme Bearing or through one of our distributors.

If you want an Extreme Bearing direct from us, the picture shows the view from where our warehouse and workshop is located: by a tranquil lakeside in the middle of Sweden.

Two hours east of Gothenburg, in the middle of a forest, Jaap Meeuwsen from Holland has his home, workshop and store. He is an independent inventor and entrepreneur who has taken the bearing to a new level of durability. He hasn’t reinvented the wheel but he has taken the standard bearing inserts available on the market and put them into a far from standard housing made to his specification with one of the toughest grades of stainless steel available (AISI 316). He has also designed his own centrifugal seal to keep dirt, grime and liquids out. This combination makes the Extreme Bearing unique.

Jaap Meeuwsen was born in 1978 and raised in Holland but he moved to the wilds of Sweden deep in a forest in January 2016. His house is only accessible by a long dirt track that leads to a secluded lake. At the back of his house, in a converted barn, he has his workshop and store room with huge stock. From here, Extreme Bearings are dispatched to distributors and customers around the world.

Warehouse Extreme BEaring:

stora fiskarp 1

570 60 ydre


Phone: 0031 637 32 99 10


Post adress:

Noordland 28

4451 RP Heinkenszand  


Phone 0031 637 32 99 10