tainless steel SAF and SDAF , ina SNV100-LPillow Blocks

corrosion proof flang bearing

Round Stainless steel Four-Bolt Heavy Duty Flange Bearing Unit

Oval stinless steel flange beating unit

Stainless steel ball bearings

Stainless steel bearing housing grease

Grease is a great help to seal bearinghousings against contaminants

Grease can be a great help to seal bearinghousings against contaminants. And the gaps between the lips of the centrifugal seal and the stator must be sealed. Because this keeps out dust and water. To improve the bearings life for centrifugal bearing shaft seals, it is recommended to use an automatic lubricator. And to lubricate it regularly. Only a small quantity of grease is necessary when slowly flushed into the bearing cavity. becaus this forces dust and moisture away from the working parts.

PTFE Teflon lip, bearing seals SS 316

What kind of grease should the extreme bearings be lubricated with?

Extreme Bearing units equipped with double row, type-T bearings are supplied without grease.
You can fill these bearing blocks with the grease that is common in your company for spherical roller bearings.

The grease that you put in the bearing, mounted with a E-type single roller bearing, is only intended to make a grease sealing barrier. And this will not influence the working of the bearing. Because the bearing itself is food safe greased for a livetime. And is closed by the 2-rs seals. You can fill these bearing housings with any grease that you have on hand.

Take in consideration that it not will influence the sealing material in the bearing housing.

Conveyor belt in seawater envorimental with pillowblock bearing and singlepoint greaser

Examples of grease diagrams using AS bearing shaft seals

If the contamination is only on one side of the bearing unit, a seal combination can be chosen that is based on refilling the grease on this side. In this way, the contamination along with the grease shall flow away from the sealing lips. An example of such an assembly, a CS-AS combination, is shown in one of the illustrations with the path of the grease shown by the red arrows.

Graesing stainless steel bearing units ppl212
Stainless Steel Flange Bearing Flange Housing Unit Grease SS UCF212

Examples of Extreme Bearing equipped with a central greasing system

Stainless teel pillow block bearing P2BM 300-TF-AH
Stainless steel 316 saltwater Bearing grease system
Bearing for faltwater


Greasing ss bearing pillow block housings

In some configurations, the bearing units from Extreme Bearing are bearing shaft seals pressure-tight. Therefore it is necessary to keep the cap a little bit open while you do the initial greasing. Otherwise problems like in the picture shown here can occur.

In addition, whenever it is necessary to add some more grease later, you should always take care not to create overpressure in the housing. The Extreme Bearing units are pressure-tight when used with the following configurations of seals: AS/AS, AS/VK, CL/CL and CL/VK.

Please inform your maintenance crew about this special service operating instruction. It could be helpful to dismount the grease nipples and exchange them with a standard stainless screw, so it will be impossible to make mistakes.